The Best Spell Kits & Getting Started

Spell kits tend to get a bad rap, but really the spell kits we are talking about are magical mystical kits.

These sorts of spell kits store powerful light filled energy to help you clear and cleanse dark energies, spaces, matter in your periphery. 

You can spice up your life and add a little extra magic with one of our signature spell kits - we recommend the energy cleansing kit which is a best sellers or the mercury retrograde spell kit.

What is a spell kit?

It's a host of items used to cast magical spells with whimsical ritual. 

Some spell kits can clear bad energy while others will help rejuvenate hope and wishes or bring a new love into your life. 

While all spell kits vary common items they include are candles, herbs, crystals, and essential oils, sage, sage smudge sticks.

How To Use A Spell Kit? Using a spell kit is easy – even for beginners. Gather the items and begin your very own ritual by calling in your angels, gurus and guides for help or just follow the enclosed instructions. 

In order for the spell kit to work have a hopeful heart, an open mind and positive intent; spells are most effective when performed with pure intentions.

Always be in gratitude to your angels and guides that are heeding your prayers and wishes. Thank them wholeheartedly and then allow the magic to happen organically. 

Remember - belief is powerful. 

Whether you’re an energy worker, energy healer, shaman, pagan, Wiccan, or just someone who enjoys experimenting with magic, there’s a spell kit out there that’s perfect for you.

Be sure to check out the bestsellers in the shop. 

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